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Topics covered in this curriculum
Faith Survival Guide – “Leader’s Manual” The Leader’s Manual is designed to assist any average Joe in teaching a class using the Faith Survival Guide apologetics curriculum. On each page is an entire set of notes that will help guide you through what is being taught, while the students follow along in their own copies of the Student’s Guide. Page goals and helpful questions will assist you in engaging the studenst in critical thinking techniques and open discussion times.
Dealing with Doubts
Is Truth Relative
The Universe had a Beginner
Human Consciousness
Intelligent Design
The Problem of Evil
The Reliability of the Bible
The Historical Jesus
Mormons - Jehovah's Witness
The Nation of Islam
Thousands or Billions
Evangelism Made Easy!
Faith Survival Guide – “Student’s Guide” The Student’s Guide is for each of the participants in the group, other than the Leader (who will be teaching from the Leader’s Manual). Unlike the Leader’s Manual, the Students’ Guides have empty fill-in-the-blanks and do not have the Leader’s Notes on the accompanying page. Each Student’s Guide is designed with space to take plenty of notes, and is the Students to keep at the end of the study.
Leader's Manual
Student's Guide
**Note: If you are only ordering a book to read by yourself, make sure you order the Leader's Manual.