About the Faith Survival Guide
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The Faith Survival Guide is a 12 part study on Christian Apologetics that is written in an easy-to-use and easy-to-teach format. Students will have a workbook that has all of the information in it, leaving room for fill-in-the-blanks, questions to answer, and places for note taking. The Leader's manual has the same information that the students are seeing, but is filled with all of the necessary information anyone would need to succesfully teach the curriculum. The curriculum is designed to stimulate conversations among the group and fine-tune critical thinking methods. Socrates once said, "the student is the best teacher." What he meant by that is when a student is asked a question, and forced to think through the answer themselves, then they will be more likely to understand the answer, rather than somebody just telling them what the answer is. Jesus knew this, which is why He always asked questions to those around Him. He knew that if they would internalize the answer themselves through introspection, they would get it.
His use of the "Questioning Method" was actually an ancient Rabinical method used for millenia before Him. This is exactly the way that the Faith Survival Guide is set up. It seeks to ask questions to the students, which will engage them in the material much more that if someone was to just try to force the information on them. This also forms a much stronger interest in each person because they become directly involved in the materials, rather than just sitting and listening.
Reviews for the Faith Survival Guide:
"In near decade that I have been involved in youth ministry, I have never before come across anything as valuable as the "Faith Survival Guide" curriculum for teaching basic foundational apologetics. Through clear and concise highly-illustrated workbooks, students are taught how to exercise and flex "critical thinking" skills to reevaluate the legitimacy of the Bible's historicity and reliability as a historical document. The Leader's Guide is straightforward and easy to follow and doesn't require a PHD or previous teaching experience to be leading small groups immediately. Highest Recommendations!"
- Steve Carroll, Youth Pastor & Founder of EQUIP Youth Retreat (EQUIP Retreat)
"Wanting to cross into the realm of apologetics myself, I decided to purchase this curriculum. I have discovered a very clear picture of my own weak areas. We are currently using this material in our Saturday morning Men's group, and it has been met with quite excitement! The leaders manual is very easy to follow, and the content provides a very rich understanding with constant opportunity for all of us to share and learn with each other. For us, this is a perfect example of "iron sharpening iron!"
- Robert Arsenault, Men's Ministry Leader
"In a world where questions are asked and not answered, Dave Glander not only answers some of the most common questions, but presents those answers with facts and authority. This guide on apologetics is a great way to encourage and train yourself or your teen to answer the questions and challenges that are sure to arise in life."
- Justin Holcombe, Master's in Biblical Archaeology
"Dave sought to develop a popular and very practical tool to help prepare students ahead of time. This present workbook signals the culmination of years of gathering these sorts of apologetic materials and organizing them into a handy layout that makes these resources available for further study. All-in-all, Dave Glander’s workbook is a handy item for introducing young people to some of the apologetic resources available to the Christian. The more this sort of information is available in churches, especially for youth groups, the more we will be vaccinating our folks against factual attacks on their faith."
- Dr. Gary Habermas, Chair, Department of Philosophy, Distinguished Professor - Liberty University